Nitsan Tal Photography School 


Beyond “Auto-Mode" Photography course

The course is intended for beginners, and as the name implies, will teach the participants how to use the camera when “Auto” mode fails to produce the desired results. The classes are taught in small groups to allow personal attention. Each participant learns how to use his own camera model and equipment.

Subjects are reinforced through homework and homework critique.

The Subjects covered include:

Digital camera built and mechanism of work






Control of focus and depth of field

Tackling difficult lighting situations

Sports- how to freeze action and deal with low light situations.

Portrait –achieving pleasing results through natural lighting and correct lens use.

Landscape photography –better composition, more interesting travel photos.

How to use the histogram

And more.

The course is based on 5 weekly meetings of 1.5 hours each, students homework and homework review.

Classes are held in Old Tappan or Closter, NJ.

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Advanced classes in photography

These classes are intended for students who completed my basic photography class (“Beyond Auto Mode”) or a similar program elsewhere and are interested in taking their photography one step further.

The classes will reinforce the basic concepts of photography, allow the students to practice use of their camera while working to develop a better eye and personal style.

The classes will be grouped into units by subject. Each unit a complete “mini course” priced separately so a student can choose to take as many units as he can or want. The units will comprise of 3 meetings each:  The first meeting in the classroom (Old Tappan or Closter) an introduction to the subject (1.5-2 hours), the second meeting in “the field” for active shooting (These will be longer- about 4 hours), and a third meeting in the classroom again to allow each student equal time to present their work and see the work of other students while discussing technical and artistic choices.

Some of the subjects that are planed (and I’m always open to requests-suggestions):

Landscape Photography

People on the street



Food and still life

Stock Photography